Pregnant and Working Out



Pregnant women are most prone to adding weight and remaining on that weight after the pregnancy. This norm is common with black African women. They tend to add 20% of ore of their former weight during the pregnancy and a further 10% after it. So many women after pregnancy have looked for a way to scale down their weight after pregnancy but to no avail. The idea is after your child birth, you continue eating more because you have to feed yourself and another human being.

The reason so many African Women add weight during and after pregnancy is as a result of the not so healthy foods they eat, not being active enough during pregnancy and also the idea that no one really cares if they add extra weight.

Today, am going to just put out so many work out regime and food planning that has helped so many celebrity women cut down on their weight gain during pregnancy and maintained their normal body weight even after pregnancy.

1)      Be Active: So many African women when they find out they are pregnant, they stop being active. They feel like a little work here and there would be harmful to the Baby. But the truth is that being active in terms of exercise and workouts even helps the baby a lot.  Also being active during pregnancy helps prepare you for labour and Child birth.

A 30 minutes work out during the first 7 months of your pregnancy is recommended. But try and avoid work outs that will strain your back muscles.  A paced walk outside is really recommended together with the light dumbbell squats.

2)      Eat Right: make sure during pregnancy, you spread your meals in small quantities within 2 hours of each other. Whatever you do, make sure you are not taking excess food in one go. To secret is that by cutting down on your intake and spreading it every 2 hrs, you prevent sending the wrong signal to your brain that you are hungry. Your body will be aware that after a meal the next meal would just be in the next 2hrs so no need to crave on so much food every hour.

3)      Carbs or No Carbs: As a pregnant woman, you really need your Carbs , but the bit you would have to avoid is Fatty Oil and sugars. These are not good for your heart of the babies. You should make sure you take proper Carbs but not in isolation. A meal made of Rice and Vegetables are very ok for you, just prevent having a meal of 80% carbs and 20% other nutrients.

4)      Water: Yeah the most important tool in maintain a good body weight during pregnancy is taking loads of water. This is very important for your baby and you. Just like when you where not pregnant, sometimes you might think your body needs food while what it only needs is just hydration. When you feel hungry during your pregnancy and you have eaten in the past hour, make sure you drink enough water and trust me the cravings would go away.

5)      After Birth: Exercise and work out like you have never done before. I am not going to tell you after pregnancy to take it easy with your work outs. Nope, if you can work out twice a week you would have to do it because this is the time most pregnant African women add weight they can never get rid off. You are in the weaning stage of child birth and your body craves more food than you have ever craved for before. What i advise my clients is to eat enough for your body and the baby , but make sure you work out really well. Go out there and run, walk, cycle, swim if you can. Do some light weights and still eat your foods as you want cos you would need it.

Finally, be in shape for the next pregnancy, and believe me there is so much exercise routines for pregnant women online that you can look out and incorporate.

However, before you start any form of work out while pregnant, make sure you contact your doctor.

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So Many Weight Loss Teachers



Information’s on how to lose weight are endless and abundant on the internet. Sometimes we make the mistake of reading through all these information and getting confused on which one to follow. Some information’s will tell you avoid Carbs while some will tell you “you don’t need to avoid your carbs completely”. The more you surf on the internet in the comfort of your room or the cyber cafe, the more you would come across much information on weight loss and abs work out.

Do not burden yourself with all these information’s. My advice is picking the one that best suits you and move the hell on. You don’t need to collect all information regarding weight loss, the idea is to pick a fitness blogger you trust and go with his advice.

In my gym, we have more than 8 personal trainers and we all have our own diversification in terms of work out programmes and techniques. If there is any programme we all share in common, then it has to be Cardio and proper Eating. YES, these are the basics in terms of fitness and healthy living. Any personal trainer that does not incorporate these 2 elements to his/her programme has no idea of what he is talking about. Even if you want to add lean muscles, you still need to eat right and do your cardio.

I look through the internet and I see trainer’s advising people of different supplements or machines they could utilise in their quest for a good body. I don’t really know if all these work or not cos I never use it on my Clients and will never use them.

In terms of machines, the best are Treadmills or your city roads and parks. No machine ever comes close to these two, and anyone who tells you otherwise is really not giving you the best information. Another machine you must utilise is your cooker at home; yes cook good healthy foods and the weights will surely fall off!!!

So stop wasting quality times watching fitness videos on YouTube, reading countless information’s on the net and wasting good money on weight supplements. It is time to go out there buy some good runners (prefer New Balance), hit the city parks and buy good delicious fat free foods from your local store and thank me later!!

Carlos is a FETAC trained Personal Trainer and fitness guru. To get in contact with him, send an email to

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I Just Ate Before My Workout



Should I eat before I go for my morning run? This is a question so many people ask me before the start their work out with me. The answer to this question is that you have to eat a food reach in fibre and energy in order to get the best out of your run. Although you may be tempted to skip the calories, the food you eat before you exercise will fuel your workout and maximize your efforts and results. I have been running for 4 years now and I can say I have exhausted all techniques out there and one that works for me is having a hot oat with 1 teaspoon of sugar before I go for my run.

You might ask why sugar, but I run at least 10km 4 times a week so I need some sort of fast energy booster before I start my morning run. However, if you are just a beginner in running you should be able to run 3km every day (3 times a week) with no sugar in your pre work out meal. Oats are very good pre work out meal cos it contains load of fibres.  The fibre in Oats gradually releases carbohydrates into your bloodstream which is what you need during your runs. Oats also contain B vitamins, which help convert carbohydrates into energy. The faster your body can convert Carbohydrates into energy, the longer you would enjoy that morning run,


Other good pre run meals out there are whole fibre breads with honey or Jam for more energy fuel. Bananas are what I call the natural work out bar. They are parked with easily digestible carbohydrates and potassium with helps in maintaining solid muscle function. You should note that our human body does not store potassium for a very long time, so I advise if you are going to hit the roads and you don’t have an Oat or whole fibre bread, a banana with Greek yoghurt should be fine.


Finally, make sure you absolutely avoid fatty and Oily foods before your workout. Fat leaves the stomach very slowly, which means you’ll feel full and sluggish and could cramp up easily.

Carlos also recommends having wheetabix before a work out. Wheetabix are just the same as Oats and contains the same nutrients as Oats and can fuel your body for a good run.

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My Motivation



The first question I ask my class before I start training them is “What motivates you”. In life we have different things that motivated us to start working out or going to the gym. It might be family, marriage, relationships or even looking at someone we admire a lot. Whatever it is, I tell people to hold onto that motivation.

What motivated me to getting my physique today is looking at Christian Ronaldo, it made me look at other sports men and say to myself “I want a body like that”. And trust me I have used that motivation ever since. How did I use that motivation you might ask? I trained like footballers and Tennis Players because I wanted a body like theirs. I was motivated by a footballer and I train like them, eat like them, live a healthy life style and make sure I give myself REST like they do.

Why am I talking about motivation? This is one thing that gives us the extra strength to make sure we achieve our goals. When my clients say their ex motivated them to start working out because they were dumped for a hunk, I work with that motivation. How do I work with that? I tell them they really need to work their ass off so as to get their confidence back. I also tell them they don’t necessarily need to be skinny per se or get really big muscles. All they need is a little toning here and there and they are good to go. I also advice them after 3 months to feel comfortable with their body as I can see a result already.

If you are motivated by a Husband or Wife, I also have a remedy I apply to these set of people. I tell them to have a picture of what they think their spouse would love them to be like and work towards that. Motivation can come from anything or any experience in our various lives.

Finally a final word here is if you are motivated by a rugby player, train like them. If you wanna have a sprint runner’s body, train like them. I train like a footballer and people tell me I look like a footballer though I have never played professional football ever.


Author: Carlos 

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I work So Hard, so I Quit!!


It happens to every amateur person just starting a workout programme. We have already told friends that we would start going to the gym from next month. We start the gym and within 3 weeks, we burn ourselves out and loose all the motivation. It surely happened to me and belive me if you are new into fitness its gonna happen to you one way or another.

The secret to stop youtself burning out lies with you. If your trainer is telling you to work out more than 5 times a week when u are just a beginner, ditch him and find another trainer. A workout amateur like I call anyone who has never worked out ever has to enjoy his/her workouts or they wuld loose the motivation. What I have always told my new clients is just work out 3 days a week. Not that I dont want to make them work out HARD, i dnt want them to quit. After 3 months I up it up a bit to 4 days 2hrs each day. . I have introduced this to my training programme since 2010 and I have never lost a new client as a result.

However, for those of us who are not amateurs, u still need a rest once a while. You cant keep putting your body through that high intensity programme and not expect it to park up sooner rather than later. You have to take care of that body and its vital organs. What am saying here is that u need to give hourself at least one week rest every 3 months. Rest dat body and when you get back to your programme, u will be fueled to up your workout routine a bit.

Finally, i would love to conclude with this advice: you dnt want to get injured and lay off your routine for 3 months. The time u loose in that 3 months , u rather loose it by resting for just one week.

Carlos is a Fitness Trainer and A Fitness Blogger. Carlos has been taking fitness Classes and one on one sessions since 2010. To contact Carlos, go to the About page

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My Special Bowl


You have probably heard that using a smaller plate may help you with portion control, but it’s easy to shrug off that advice — it just doesn’t sound like it would really work. (No matter what dish you use, you would surely notice if you were eating more than usual right?)

Think again. A study called “Ice Cream Illusions: Bowls, Spoons, and Self-Served Portions,” makes the smaller-dish/eat-less theory definite food for thought: Even nutrition experts were prone to dish out more food when their bowls or serving utensils were oversized.

Researchers at Cornell University hosted an ice cream social to which they invited faculty and staff and graduate students from the university’s nutrition department. Participants were randomly given either a small bowl or a large one, and a small or large serving spoon. Each participant then spooned out some ice cream. As the participants filled out a survey asking how much they believed they had portioned out for themselves, the researchers weighed their bowls.

The results? The participants using the larger bowl ate just over 30% more than those who used the smaller bowl. And despite the fact that they helped themselves to a significantly larger serving size, they didn’t think they dished out any more than the others.

Interestingly, the participants who used the large serving spoon got more ice cream, too — around 15% more than the others —even if they used the small bowl. Less surprisingly, those who were given both the large bowl and the large spoon ate a whopping 57% more ice cream than those with the smaller bowl and spoon. These results lead to researchers to identify the dishes and serving spoons as “consumption cues.”

Lead author Brian Wansink, Ph.D., who specializes in the psychology of food choices, said, “The fact that even they [the nutrition experts] end up being tripped up by these cues just helps to show how ubiquitous and how subversive these illusions can be.”

Since restaurants are often blamed for Americans’ tendency to over-do portions, Koert van Ittersum, a professor of marketing at Georgia Tech who also worked on the study, suggested that restaurants could start using smaller dishes, too. But, this practice would have its limits. “If people still feel hungry after they’ve finished their plate, you [restaurateurs] have a serious problem,” van Ittersum said. In other words, despite that fact the we, as customers, want to eat more reasonable portions, we wouldn’t be happy if left hungry, either.

The researchers advise that cues such as dish size are easy to alter. By using smaller dishes, we can easily avoid “accidentally” eating too many calories. “If you want to lose weight, use smaller china and flatware,” van Ittersum advised. So, if you haven’t taken that “downsize your dishes” advice to heart yet, it’s time to think about buying a new set of dinnerware.

Here are some more practical portion control pointers:

  • Split dessert with a friend.
  • Portion half your restaurant meal into a to-go box before you start eating.
  • Purchase single-serving size snacks.
  • Purchase snack-sized plastic baggies and portion out standard serving sizes of foods you tend to overeat.
  • Never eat directly from a food package.
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The Spinning Champion


I stared cycling in June 2010 and trust me it was the best decision i took in my fitness life. Yes I do love running a lot, in fact am a run freak but when my friend introduced me to a spin Class, I have loved every bit of it. In fact it is an amazing fat burning work out and also a core body work out!!

However, the problem with spinning classes is that it is hard for beginners and very easy for the Pros. When I started spinning, I thought it was the worst work out ever. After a spinning section, I felt like my knees were about caving in and also my Quads were gone. In fact i wasn’t able to run for 3 days after every spinning class till I found this remedy. If you incorporate this to your spinning classes, then you will enjoy it more often.

1)      Stretch the muscles: I am never one to stretch my muscles before any work out. But i started doing so after my spin instructor advised me to. Stretch can be any stretch that works your hamstrings, Calf and also your Quads. These are the muscles you need more when spinning.

2)      Running: Yes. I do run for at least 10 mins before my spinning class. When you do these, you will notice that during the spinning classes your muscles are more relaxed and very ready to go for the 1 hr session. Thank me later

3)      Standing: My Spin instructor in 2010 always incorporated stand spinning to our sessions. This helps your muscles relaxed and stretched in between a session. Any good Spin instructor has to incorporate this to their class. If your Spin instructor doesn’t, then take a cue here and do it on your own during the rest part of the spinning class.

4)      Heels pointing Down: This is the most important of them all. Always spin with your heels and not your TOES. Not only is spinning with your Toes dangerous for your Achilles, it also burns you out faster!! When you spin with your heels, the core part of your body does the work for you. Though it is a hard technique to learn, but it is by far the best to use in your spinning Class.

5)      Side to Side: Always make sure when spinning, you incorporate the effective movement of your abs muscle. I call it a side to side rocking.. lol. When your left heel goes down, rock the body to the left and vice versa. It’s so much fun with a good music blaring.

6)      Good Music: Always remember that a good music (not one found on the internet) will help you during your work out. Find that Music that you love and Spin to it. I personally use Beyonces’ End of the world. It is my cuppa tea so it might not be yours.

For more tips, visit this page regularly and also join a spinning class near you.

Carlos is a Spin Instructor in Dublin, Ireland. HE takes a spin class of more than 23 hrs weekly. He is also the author of this BLOG

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My Mum Served me Breakfast


The major mistake weight watchers make is to skip breakfast. In fact if there is one meal to skip, is definitely not breakfast. To get the body metabolism going for the day, you need to feed the body with food in the morning. Skipping breakfast would always increase the urge for a very large lunch and not so healthy side meals because you have gone an entire 9 hrs or more without food since your dinner the last nite.. So always remember to have your breakfast which should be fibre reach!!!!! oatmeals and omelets are perfect servings for breakfast. A glass or lemon and orange juice would also help suppress the taste for snack during the day. So if you are beginning your weight plan, make sure the “breakfast” is a must meal.

For a very good product on abs muscle development and maintainance, see

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The Man Who Ran to Egypt


Today, I am going to post a very little secret I discovered about running in 2012. When i started running in 2009, I thought if someone could run at least 10km everyday on a speed of 11.0km/hr you would get that perfect body you wanted. I started off running at 9km/hr for 3 months before i progressed to 11.5km/hr in the space of 9 months. My body was looking good and I felt really good about myself and I also ate healthy. But today, I don’t do that distance and no way do I even do my running in that speed.

I found out that running at that speed not only made me feel weak for my weights training, it also got me injured quite often. I got injured at least 3 times in the space of 7 months running at that intensity. I know most people would say “but there are people running at a higher speed than that”. But let me tell u something, they run at that speed because they are trained runners, not like you and I who are trying to live a healthy life. We are not trying to make money out of our runs or fulfil a goal in regards to taking part in a marathon. All we are looking to do is just keep fit and burn a little fat here and there.

Since Feb 2012, I have learnt to run at a very slow speed then increase it gradually as I run along. For example on a normal day for me, I will run at a speed of 9km/hr for 10 mins increase it by 0.5% every 5 minutes and on a gradient of 1.0%. And since I introduced these to my runs, I have never been injured and I have never missed my 4 day a week run ever.

Guys don’t look at the next person in the gym and say “I can surely run at the same speed”. Our Bodies are entirely different and your body might not like you putting it into that sort of stress. Moreover, you don’t know what the next guy has taking that makes him run at that speed. I advise my clients to run along with me but when they feel tired or discomfort in their legs, they should reduce the intensity. No one wants to be injured running for 2 months. You lose valuable work out time within the period when you were out injured.

So if you are reading this and you are wondering: “what is the best pace for me and the best distance for me to run?” the answer lies within your body. You can run for only 20mins or Jog for 25mins and burn more Calories than you would have if you were sitting at home watching the Latest TV Episode.

My advice to you today is if you have never done any form of cardiovascular exercise or you think your weight is too much for a run, you can always to a brisk work. Start off with that at least 3 times in a week. You can progress to a 2min walk/1minute run for 20 minutes 3 times a week. I am not going to say to you “Go out there and start running for 2 hours”.

Finally I would love to say running is the best work out ever. Don’t believe the whole loads of hogwash on the internet saying you don’t need to run to lose the weights. My dear, you need to run, jog or walk to be able to see the weights start falling off immediately.

If you need tips on how to programme your runs or a guide to running, let me know and I will surely send one out to you FREE OF CHARGE!!! Time for me to go out there and do my Running for the Day. See you FOLKS!!!

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Secret on How to Stop your snacking


Most of us form the habit of snacking after a heavy meal. This makes it impossible for us to loose that weight we desire. One trick am going to show you is the magic of brushing your teeths immediately after ur meal.
When you brush your teeth you are sending a message to your subconscious that eating time is over.
So doesn’t it make sense to plant that seed in your brain that when you brush your teeth after every meal that snacking time is over?

The human body adapts to just about anything very quickly. The more you brush your teeth the more your brain will get used to the fact that after you eat you then brush your teeth and then you do not eat again until your next scheduled meal.

You will develop this habit in under 7 days guaranteed. Let’s face it, the more you brush your teeth you not only will be able to curb your over eating a lot easier and benefit from that by losing some excess weight but you will also have nice fresh breathe.

It’s all about habits and if you cannot just drop a bad habit then try to replace it with a good habit. It works believe me.

So go get yourself a new tooth brush and a nice new tube of the tastiest tooth paste you can find and start brushing after every meal today.

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