One Year Into my Programme


The Picture on the Left is my body in 2009 and the picture on the right is me in 2010!!

They call it weight watchin, bt i rather call it punishment. You go to the gym every morning and u see people who weigh more than a South African elephant on the bench (not d tread mill, not the cardion thingy)-the bench!! For petes sake!!! U also see men /Boys with the belle of a hippo doing sit ups not minding that the end result would b total NOTHING. U also meet the slim lil sexy cutie gurls walking out on the full fitness machine (probably trying to make the fat ones jealous and the men looking like bunch of morons. Then Finalli, u see the hunks, machos ( whatever name they are called) trying to make others jealous of their amazing physique . These group of beings always make sure the run about 9km minimum on the tread mill, they also spend 4hrs minimum in the gym…. If the truth must be told, they are the ones really working out and not the afore mentioned above.
Turn on the TV or log into the internet then u wuld see countless ads advising or trying to teach us the best way to go down from a size 20 to a size 12 in the space of 2 months for gurls and for the men?? Hmmmmm….they ads wouldn’t stop tellin us how fat and ill looking our stomachs/abs look and how we could get it all firm and six packs like in just 1 month… U go into the stores around town and u see different items they claim could give us abs as firm as a rock. The sickening part of it all is the DRUGS!!!!!!! I hate it wen gurls blv the mumbo jumbos the keep giving them in order to loose weight. And now the celebrities who look as slim as slim can be ( i call it madness!!) are now advising all of us to cut down on our ‘CAB’ intake. The also tell us to Drink Water often!!!! Water!!!! Not Food????? Different Meal plan, books, CDs,etc are being sold to ignorant fools who always want to be deceived. Am not saying these things don’t work, am saying the only thing that works is wat u blv…not wat anybody tells u. Ur ability to look like Victora Becham, Eva Longoria,Heidi Klum, Tyra, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Milla Jovovich, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Cambell Super models lie in ur hands and ur hands alone. For the men, our ability to look like Alex Lundqvist, Tony Ward, Andres Velencoso, Brad Kroenig, Tyson Beckford, Gabriel Aubry etc also lie in our hands.
I am going to talk from ma experience and how i lost 39kg in the space of one year, yes, one year, one full year…. how i got ma abs as tight as can be. Ma face as cut down and slim without chubby looks …. also ma waist from a size 38 to a size 32…..all these was done in just a year…..many of us would want to look sexy and toned just in 2 months….all i can tell you is that it can be done without u purnishing ur body and stressing ur brains, body and soul… you can take drugs, cut down on ur cab intake, do exercises that makes u feel like ‘ohhh f***kin boloks!!!’ and u still remain a size more not less bt more. The answer to this is running-yes running…and wen i say runnin, i mean running on the tread mill or running along the streets.. as boring and stupid it mite sound, that is the only solution… and i would not say more.. Com’on u fat looking things, we know the world sometimes look at u as if u are a leper… U can turn dat around in one year….create an exercise routine for urself and make sure running is a part of it. Laziness is ur greatest enemy and to bring urself to that shape u crave a lot without throwing ur best meals outta d window, u have to defeat this enemy. I am not an expert am just a guy who looked like a hippo on the 29th of June 2009, but today i look like a hunk and am lovin every part of ma body thats y i show it on facebook. Am not finished yet!!!!!! Wen am done wit this body , then peeps would start doing things differently and these leeches all over the internet would stop rippin ma fellow Beings off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and |God Bless

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