Carlos 6 Months Abs Guaranteed Plan


We all want to look our best. It wouldn’t be wrong to believe that 9 out of every 10 people would want to have an amazing body and physique. We all love it when people complement us on how good we look or how sexy we are. The drive to exercise for most of us is from the believe that if we exercise and gain that pound or muscle or get those 6packs going, people would be more attracted to us. However, it is important that we do not solely rely on this single reason to take part in any diet or exercise routine. The reason is that if this is the reason why we exercise, we would easily loose interest when the complements don’t come our way. This is the major reason why people easily loose interest in becoming fit after 3-4 weeks or enrolling in a local gym or a routine diet.

The drive for fitness and toning our body mass down should primarily come from the desire to live a healthy life. I started working out 5 days a week because I found out that if I continue adding so many pounds I might be risking a heart disease, stroke, blood pressure, brain issues, and organ malfunction in the next 20-25 years. I also wanted to be given the good look compliments and the sexiness that comes from being fit.

My advice: if you are concerned about your weight or you notice that you don’t breathe well after catching the morning bus, having sex, school run, shopping, and the routine house cleaning, then you need to start thinking the way of exercise and looking at what you really eat. The good thing about exercise is that it might no guarantee that you won’t suffer life threatening illness in your life, but it helps detect that illness at an early stage where it could be treated and avoided.

Have you been called fat, obese, and boring? Are you worried about the way your weight is affecting your love life, family, work and career, then this might be for you? Have you tried and never seem to conquer that taste for food or bite of fries and chocolates? Then read on!!!!

The idea here has been gathered from many top fitness and health instructors and I have also thrown in some of my own!!!!


TIP ONE#: Ditch that mirror- We all fall into the habit of going to the gym after one day then looking at the mirror to see how improved we are. It doesn’t work that way. You probably wouldn’t notice you have lost any weight until your friend or neighbour tells you how slim you look!! The mirror is meant to give us a perfect reflexion, right? But we all have that mirror in our houses that give us the slim look or the fat look!!! Mirrors would always be a false identifier; fellow humans are the perfect identifier!!! LEARN HOW TO AVOID THE MIRROR FOR 3 WEEKS AFTER ENROLLING FOR A SLIM PROGRAM!! Also avoid the scale!!! Let people tell you the result, believe me you would be glad they did because it would be sincere!!!!!!

TIP TWO#: (MORE THAN 15 STONE) – Before I get into the nitty gritty which is the exercise and meal plan, it is important that I clear this up. If you are reading this and you weigh more than 15 stones, then it won’t be fair telling you to start pounding the streets or the treadmill or even any cardio workout. The reason is that you can’t!!!! Yes u can’t!!! If you do, you won’t come back the next week or even the next day because you would feel your heart, knees, ankles, body is caving in. people come to the gym and inform the gym instructor that they would love to loose weight, and the next thing the gym instructor is showing them how to work the treadmill and bikes. This can be fatal because the heart hasn’t experienced something that intense for a long time, the body mass is too much for the bones, the ankles are overloaded with so much weight and the lungs are sandwiched between layers and layers of fat. My 15 stone team (this is what I call my trainees who weigh that much), you can loose so much pounds by just following my meal plan strictly and doing what I call the funatic exercise!!!!

Tip 3#- THE REVERSE DIET- I came across this plan while talking with my very good friend who lost more than 4 stones last year. Believe me it is magic and you would be amazed by the result if you follow it strictly!!! The idea of this plan is that you have your lunch in the morning, breakfast at night and lunch and a strictly low carb diet before 12:30 pm. It is simple and could easily be followed. What this does is that it takes you heavy dinner meal in the morning, your body uses it up during the day, you eat another in the afternoon to keep fuelling that body for the rest of the day, then at night when you won’t be using up any energy, you take the little breakfast meal which always is a light diet. Note: the breakfast am talking about here should be moderately light- an oat, brown bread toast (2 Slices), cornflakes its perfect!!!!!!

Tip 4#- NO HIGH LEVEL CARBS OR SNACKING AFTER 1PM- We must have come across this idea one way or the other. Celebrities use this idea to keep the weights off. Most celebrities or fitness gurus would tell you “strictly no carbohydrates”. But I am here to make sure that you enjoy your day and don’t get fed up with the entire meal thing. Just have your heavy carbs: sugars, breads, rice, sweet cereals, chocolates, crisp, potatoes, biscuits, nuts before 1pm. After 1pm, you switch off this listed foods and your taste for them. A high level of discipline is required to fulfil this.

Tip 5#- THE BOTTLE THAT BROKE THE TASTE- I am a very big fan to this simple technique. 9 out of 10 times when we feel hungry, it’s not hunger but rather we are thirsty. People always confuse hunger with being thirsty: I do. What I do is that I have my 1.5 litre bottle of water in my hands wherever I go. When I feel like I am getting hungry and my brain is sending the right signal but my mind is giving the wrong signal, I take a drink of water. Some of us dislike the tasteless nature of water which could make us reluctant to drink so much water. My idea is have slices of lemon in your water and you would get a good taste.

Tip 6#- MY LITTLE BABY BOWL- this is one of my little idea. Have we noticed that when we have a very big plate of food served to us, we tend to finish it or nearly finish it? Some of us are very reluctant to waste food: Mummy’s would always try to finish the kids left overs; Daddy would always have that big plate of food which he always clears completely. The idea is: have that little bowl of plate which you would serve your own food with. The smaller the plate, the more we feel satisfied after eating the food from it. The bigger the plate, the more we keep eating and that sense of dissatisfaction would be there until the plate is empty. It’s a psychology thing!! When we are eating out in a restaurant or a friends, make sure you demand for a smaller plate where you can eat from.

Tip 7#- THE LONG BITE- People swallow their food. Yes, they don’t bite, bite, bite, bite, swallow they bite and swallow, which is why we eat more than we should. Learning how to bite your food repeatedly would help us reduce the portion of food we consume. Note: bite with mouths close to prevent swallowing air!!!!!

Tip 8#- LATE NIGHT MOVIE WORKOUT- Very simple, whilst watching our favourite TV program in the comfort of our sofa, we could do some mini exercise that would help us loose about 300 calories before the movie is over. Instead of arming ourselves with that box of popcorn and lemonade, we could do little push ups, leg raise, arm twist, squats and even push ups whilst watching the movie. If you have a bigger room, you could skip as well while watching your movie.

Tip 9#- ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA- Famous workout that does wonders. This is perfect for anyone who can’t do the normal cardio workouts. It is simple and almost every fitness centre around you should have a zumba class. Don’t worry is not for good dancers only, it’s fun, exciting and you would even realise that you have burnt loads of calories. You would look forward to eat every day and can’t wait to start. If you are not sure what zumba is, you could look it up on youtube!!!

Tip 10#- THE ENEMY CALLED SALT- Learn to use less and less salt in your foods. If you are cooking for the entire family, serve yours first before adding salt. Eating foods without salt makes us go longer for the day without feeling hungry and craving more food.

Tip 11#- THE MONSTER- This is for the strong willed and the determined. The monster is the sugar, any kind of bread, rice, chocolates, crisps, cheese, potatoes, fufu. If you can, stay away from this set of foods. If you can’t, apply tip3# listed above judiciously.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a little walk to your friends place every evening or walking down from 5 bus stops before yours, cycling to work, walking home from work, going to the park every weekend with the kids and clearing your front and back garden. These little exercises would contribute to the tips listed above for that perfect size!!!!

Note: Avoid drinks with sweeteners. They give you the wrong signal and can prove dangerous if taking in large quantity!!

If you read to this point, then you are ready to start!!!!! Drop any question whatsoever.

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