The Man Who Ran to Egypt


Today, I am going to post a very little secret I discovered about running in 2012. When i started running in 2009, I thought if someone could run at least 10km everyday on a speed of 11.0km/hr you would get that perfect body you wanted. I started off running at 9km/hr for 3 months before i progressed to 11.5km/hr in the space of 9 months. My body was looking good and I felt really good about myself and I also ate healthy. But today, I don’t do that distance and no way do I even do my running in that speed.

I found out that running at that speed not only made me feel weak for my weights training, it also got me injured quite often. I got injured at least 3 times in the space of 7 months running at that intensity. I know most people would say “but there are people running at a higher speed than that”. But let me tell u something, they run at that speed because they are trained runners, not like you and I who are trying to live a healthy life. We are not trying to make money out of our runs or fulfil a goal in regards to taking part in a marathon. All we are looking to do is just keep fit and burn a little fat here and there.

Since Feb 2012, I have learnt to run at a very slow speed then increase it gradually as I run along. For example on a normal day for me, I will run at a speed of 9km/hr for 10 mins increase it by 0.5% every 5 minutes and on a gradient of 1.0%. And since I introduced these to my runs, I have never been injured and I have never missed my 4 day a week run ever.

Guys don’t look at the next person in the gym and say “I can surely run at the same speed”. Our Bodies are entirely different and your body might not like you putting it into that sort of stress. Moreover, you don’t know what the next guy has taking that makes him run at that speed. I advise my clients to run along with me but when they feel tired or discomfort in their legs, they should reduce the intensity. No one wants to be injured running for 2 months. You lose valuable work out time within the period when you were out injured.

So if you are reading this and you are wondering: “what is the best pace for me and the best distance for me to run?” the answer lies within your body. You can run for only 20mins or Jog for 25mins and burn more Calories than you would have if you were sitting at home watching the Latest TV Episode.

My advice to you today is if you have never done any form of cardiovascular exercise or you think your weight is too much for a run, you can always to a brisk work. Start off with that at least 3 times in a week. You can progress to a 2min walk/1minute run for 20 minutes 3 times a week. I am not going to say to you “Go out there and start running for 2 hours”.

Finally I would love to say running is the best work out ever. Don’t believe the whole loads of hogwash on the internet saying you don’t need to run to lose the weights. My dear, you need to run, jog or walk to be able to see the weights start falling off immediately.

If you need tips on how to programme your runs or a guide to running, let me know and I will surely send one out to you FREE OF CHARGE!!! Time for me to go out there and do my Running for the Day. See you FOLKS!!!

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