The Perfect Hollywood Body

People are gonna read this and wuld be like “12 Months?”..ohhh for petes sake i dnt need it in 12 months, i need it in 3 months”… but if the truth must be said, u cant get that perfect body yu crave for in anything less than 12 months. it is just impossible according to human anatomy. You might remember my last note where i celebrated one year anniversary of my body building.. Lemme say it again: I was a size 38 waist , now am a 32 waist, i never saw my Obliques, Lattismus Dorsi, Abs, Rombus etc, but now i see them clearly. What am going to do here is to give lil tips on how u can get that body. Mind you it might work for you , it might not work for you. there exist absolutely no certainty that this would work for everybody, but at least it worked for me and it might work for you. Pray that the law of genetics gave you that which u crave for (i.e a lot of muscles and the ability for your body to produce muscles more than an average man).

Before i start, i would love to point out some important things you should know about ur body. If you are looking to be build like a Hulk,Rock or wrestler then you obviously need your protein. But if you want to look more like a stud, hollywood porn star etc then you wuld really wanna read this cos wat u really need is your CABOHYDRATES!!!!!! WHY? Now lemme let you in on this. Human anatomy tells us that when we eat our Cabs, our body breaks it down to glucose which is required for energy sustainance. the left over, our body stores as glycogen. this glycogen repairs muscle ad also gives your body that edge it needs to sustain the growth of muscles. But plsssssssssssssssssssssss dont eat more Cabs than you can burn out.. Wat i do is wat is called the 3:1 work out (i make sure for every 30g of cabs i take , i make use of 10 in my daily work out. and for every 2000 calories i eat in a day, i make sure i born at least 750.

Now to the Nitty gritty of it


1) Take your Cabohydrates not more than 2 hrs before your session. this would enable your body break it down and convert it to glucose for your workout

2) When you get to ur gym or wherever, make sure you use the toilet. This is because your body makes use of energy to hold the waste product in your system. Getting these waste product outta your system would enable your body make use of that energy for your work out. trust me, you would need it!!!

3) Use the tread mill first or the Cross trainer. You need to do your cardio first to warm up you muscles. Some personal trainers would tell you to do your weights first , but that is nonsense. How would you buld muscles that are cold and stiff?? the only thing you would experience is pains and pains and pains. warm your muscles up, that way it would be easy to grow your muscles.

4) When you work out , make sure you concentrate on that part of the body which you are building (e.g if you are doing your sit ups for abs, ur mind should concentrate solely on ur abs.if you d ur sit ups and u feel it in your biceps or triceps, STOP!!!!!! you aint doing it right!!!!

5)after your work out, make sure you take a warm bath. this would loosen you up and refresh your body .

6) Finally an hr after your work out, take ur Cabs ASAP!!!!! cos ur body needs it!!!!!!

to be CONTD

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