The Spinning Champion


I stared cycling in June 2010 and trust me it was the best decision i took in my fitness life. Yes I do love running a lot, in fact am a run freak but when my friend introduced me to a spin Class, I have loved every bit of it. In fact it is an amazing fat burning work out and also a core body work out!!

However, the problem with spinning classes is that it is hard for beginners and very easy for the Pros. When I started spinning, I thought it was the worst work out ever. After a spinning section, I felt like my knees were about caving in and also my Quads were gone. In fact i wasn’t able to run for 3 days after every spinning class till I found this remedy. If you incorporate this to your spinning classes, then you will enjoy it more often.

1)      Stretch the muscles: I am never one to stretch my muscles before any work out. But i started doing so after my spin instructor advised me to. Stretch can be any stretch that works your hamstrings, Calf and also your Quads. These are the muscles you need more when spinning.

2)      Running: Yes. I do run for at least 10 mins before my spinning class. When you do these, you will notice that during the spinning classes your muscles are more relaxed and very ready to go for the 1 hr session. Thank me later

3)      Standing: My Spin instructor in 2010 always incorporated stand spinning to our sessions. This helps your muscles relaxed and stretched in between a session. Any good Spin instructor has to incorporate this to their class. If your Spin instructor doesn’t, then take a cue here and do it on your own during the rest part of the spinning class.

4)      Heels pointing Down: This is the most important of them all. Always spin with your heels and not your TOES. Not only is spinning with your Toes dangerous for your Achilles, it also burns you out faster!! When you spin with your heels, the core part of your body does the work for you. Though it is a hard technique to learn, but it is by far the best to use in your spinning Class.

5)      Side to Side: Always make sure when spinning, you incorporate the effective movement of your abs muscle. I call it a side to side rocking.. lol. When your left heel goes down, rock the body to the left and vice versa. It’s so much fun with a good music blaring.

6)      Good Music: Always remember that a good music (not one found on the internet) will help you during your work out. Find that Music that you love and Spin to it. I personally use Beyonces’ End of the world. It is my cuppa tea so it might not be yours.

For more tips, visit this page regularly and also join a spinning class near you.

Carlos is a Spin Instructor in Dublin, Ireland. HE takes a spin class of more than 23 hrs weekly. He is also the author of this BLOG

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