I work So Hard, so I Quit!!


It happens to every amateur person just starting a workout programme. We have already told friends that we would start going to the gym from next month. We start the gym and within 3 weeks, we burn ourselves out and loose all the motivation. It surely happened to me and belive me if you are new into fitness its gonna happen to you one way or another.

The secret to stop youtself burning out lies with you. If your trainer is telling you to work out more than 5 times a week when u are just a beginner, ditch him and find another trainer. A workout amateur like I call anyone who has never worked out ever has to enjoy his/her workouts or they wuld loose the motivation. What I have always told my new clients is just work out 3 days a week. Not that I dont want to make them work out HARD, i dnt want them to quit. After 3 months I up it up a bit to 4 days 2hrs each day. . I have introduced this to my training programme since 2010 and I have never lost a new client as a result.

However, for those of us who are not amateurs, u still need a rest once a while. You cant keep putting your body through that high intensity programme and not expect it to park up sooner rather than later. You have to take care of that body and its vital organs. What am saying here is that u need to give hourself at least one week rest every 3 months. Rest dat body and when you get back to your programme, u will be fueled to up your workout routine a bit.

Finally, i would love to conclude with this advice: you dnt want to get injured and lay off your routine for 3 months. The time u loose in that 3 months , u rather loose it by resting for just one week.

Carlos is a Fitness Trainer and A Fitness Blogger. Carlos has been taking fitness Classes and one on one sessions since 2010. To contact Carlos, go to the About page

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