My Motivation



The first question I ask my class before I start training them is “What motivates you”. In life we have different things that motivated us to start working out or going to the gym. It might be family, marriage, relationships or even looking at someone we admire a lot. Whatever it is, I tell people to hold onto that motivation.

What motivated me to getting my physique today is looking at Christian Ronaldo, it made me look at other sports men and say to myself “I want a body like that”. And trust me I have used that motivation ever since. How did I use that motivation you might ask? I trained like footballers and Tennis Players because I wanted a body like theirs. I was motivated by a footballer and I train like them, eat like them, live a healthy life style and make sure I give myself REST like they do.

Why am I talking about motivation? This is one thing that gives us the extra strength to make sure we achieve our goals. When my clients say their ex motivated them to start working out because they were dumped for a hunk, I work with that motivation. How do I work with that? I tell them they really need to work their ass off so as to get their confidence back. I also tell them they don’t necessarily need to be skinny per se or get really big muscles. All they need is a little toning here and there and they are good to go. I also advice them after 3 months to feel comfortable with their body as I can see a result already.

If you are motivated by a Husband or Wife, I also have a remedy I apply to these set of people. I tell them to have a picture of what they think their spouse would love them to be like and work towards that. Motivation can come from anything or any experience in our various lives.

Finally a final word here is if you are motivated by a rugby player, train like them. If you wanna have a sprint runner’s body, train like them. I train like a footballer and people tell me I look like a footballer though I have never played professional football ever.


Author: Carlos 

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