So Many Weight Loss Teachers



Information’s on how to lose weight are endless and abundant on the internet. Sometimes we make the mistake of reading through all these information and getting confused on which one to follow. Some information’s will tell you avoid Carbs while some will tell you “you don’t need to avoid your carbs completely”. The more you surf on the internet in the comfort of your room or the cyber cafe, the more you would come across much information on weight loss and abs work out.

Do not burden yourself with all these information’s. My advice is picking the one that best suits you and move the hell on. You don’t need to collect all information regarding weight loss, the idea is to pick a fitness blogger you trust and go with his advice.

In my gym, we have more than 8 personal trainers and we all have our own diversification in terms of work out programmes and techniques. If there is any programme we all share in common, then it has to be Cardio and proper Eating. YES, these are the basics in terms of fitness and healthy living. Any personal trainer that does not incorporate these 2 elements to his/her programme has no idea of what he is talking about. Even if you want to add lean muscles, you still need to eat right and do your cardio.

I look through the internet and I see trainer’s advising people of different supplements or machines they could utilise in their quest for a good body. I don’t really know if all these work or not cos I never use it on my Clients and will never use them.

In terms of machines, the best are Treadmills or your city roads and parks. No machine ever comes close to these two, and anyone who tells you otherwise is really not giving you the best information. Another machine you must utilise is your cooker at home; yes cook good healthy foods and the weights will surely fall off!!!

So stop wasting quality times watching fitness videos on YouTube, reading countless information’s on the net and wasting good money on weight supplements. It is time to go out there buy some good runners (prefer New Balance), hit the city parks and buy good delicious fat free foods from your local store and thank me later!!

Carlos is a FETAC trained Personal Trainer and fitness guru. To get in contact with him, send an email to

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