Pregnant and Working Out



Pregnant women are most prone to adding weight and remaining on that weight after the pregnancy. This norm is common with black African women. They tend to add 20% of ore of their former weight during the pregnancy and a further 10% after it. So many women after pregnancy have looked for a way to scale down their weight after pregnancy but to no avail. The idea is after your child birth, you continue eating more because you have to feed yourself and another human being.

The reason so many African Women add weight during and after pregnancy is as a result of the not so healthy foods they eat, not being active enough during pregnancy and also the idea that no one really cares if they add extra weight.

Today, am going to just put out so many work out regime and food planning that has helped so many celebrity women cut down on their weight gain during pregnancy and maintained their normal body weight even after pregnancy.

1)      Be Active: So many African women when they find out they are pregnant, they stop being active. They feel like a little work here and there would be harmful to the Baby. But the truth is that being active in terms of exercise and workouts even helps the baby a lot.  Also being active during pregnancy helps prepare you for labour and Child birth.

A 30 minutes work out during the first 7 months of your pregnancy is recommended. But try and avoid work outs that will strain your back muscles.  A paced walk outside is really recommended together with the light dumbbell squats.

2)      Eat Right: make sure during pregnancy, you spread your meals in small quantities within 2 hours of each other. Whatever you do, make sure you are not taking excess food in one go. To secret is that by cutting down on your intake and spreading it every 2 hrs, you prevent sending the wrong signal to your brain that you are hungry. Your body will be aware that after a meal the next meal would just be in the next 2hrs so no need to crave on so much food every hour.

3)      Carbs or No Carbs: As a pregnant woman, you really need your Carbs , but the bit you would have to avoid is Fatty Oil and sugars. These are not good for your heart of the babies. You should make sure you take proper Carbs but not in isolation. A meal made of Rice and Vegetables are very ok for you, just prevent having a meal of 80% carbs and 20% other nutrients.

4)      Water: Yeah the most important tool in maintain a good body weight during pregnancy is taking loads of water. This is very important for your baby and you. Just like when you where not pregnant, sometimes you might think your body needs food while what it only needs is just hydration. When you feel hungry during your pregnancy and you have eaten in the past hour, make sure you drink enough water and trust me the cravings would go away.

5)      After Birth: Exercise and work out like you have never done before. I am not going to tell you after pregnancy to take it easy with your work outs. Nope, if you can work out twice a week you would have to do it because this is the time most pregnant African women add weight they can never get rid off. You are in the weaning stage of child birth and your body craves more food than you have ever craved for before. What i advise my clients is to eat enough for your body and the baby , but make sure you work out really well. Go out there and run, walk, cycle, swim if you can. Do some light weights and still eat your foods as you want cos you would need it.

Finally, be in shape for the next pregnancy, and believe me there is so much exercise routines for pregnant women online that you can look out and incorporate.

However, before you start any form of work out while pregnant, make sure you contact your doctor.

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